Our agenda

Europe’s most sustainable large producer of Christmas trees

What we do

As Europe’s leading natural Christmas tree supplier, Green Team handles the full range of Christmas tree orders both in terms of volume and quality. We control all parts of the supply chain and through our multiple logistic centers across Europe, we deliver Christmas trees on time in more than 99,7 pct. of the cases.

Where we are heading

Christmas trees are a sustainable crop with a huge environmental potential. We are determined to be Europe’s most sustainable large producer of Christmas trees, and we have taken a wide range of initiatives to accomplish this.

Naturing christmas

These are our values – guiding us in everything we do:

  • Precision

    The entire value chain of producing large amounts of Christmas trees is quite complex. Without a strong dedication to precision it’s simply impossible to succeed in this business and we are extremely committed to precision

  • Teamwork

    We’re called Green Team because we do it together. We depend on each and every one to contribute their best. Because that’s the case every day, we are Europe’s leading supplier of Christmas trees

  • Improvement

    We never stop exploring and searching for ways to do it better. We revisit our production, our logistics, our sales, our sustainability initiatives all the time to look for improvements.

  • Responsibility

    What we do matters to a wide range of stakeholders, including the environment. We proudly take on that responsibility and we aim to do good.

Our footprint

See our explainer on how we at Green Team are making an effort to minimize our CO2 footprint