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Europe’s strongest and most elaborated supply chain

About us

Producing and delivering high-end sustainable Christmas trees requires us to play the long game across a range of geographies while managing a complex supply chain:

  • Sourcing, stratifying and sowing the seeds

  • Manufacturing the plants – for up to 4 years

  • Preparing the fields and planting in Denmark, Scotland and Poland

  • Pruning, nourishing and maintaining the trees – for up to 9 years

  • Marketing, sales and delivery

Beautiful trees - a piece of nature

Premium trees have a high degree of consistency and uniformity. In addition to this comes a balanced appearance and an appropriate level of density and symmetry, which all together form the basis of the value proposition.

Premium trees have broad appeal to the majority of the quality conscious European consumers, and therefore meet the quality requirements across several market segments.

With premium quality at competitive prices, Premium trees offer an unmistakably attractive price-value-ratio for consumers.

Natural trees, naturally

Being the natural choice of Christmas tree, Nature trees are grown freely and without unnecessary interference with nature’s natural variation and diversity. With a slightly larger variance in shape and density, the genuineness this type of Christmas tree can’t be questioned.

With a harmonious yet lighter build, nature trees strike the balance between symmetry and natural variation. Nature trees match the price conscious markets, and suit the tastes of consumers who appreciate true authenticity and diversity.

Potted trees are a living piece of nature

Pot grown Christmas trees have been cultivated in pots most of their lives, which ensures a well developed root system.

Potted tree