Europe’s most responsible large producer of Christmas trees

Our responsibility

We touch upon the well-being of many stakeholders as we go about our business. This is a responsibility, which we have proudly taken upon us. That’s why we deliver certified Christmas trees. They meet the strictest requirements of our industry, and we can document the social responsibility associated with our production from the picking of the cones to the full-grown tree, 10-14 years later.

  • We offer full documentation throughout the entire value chain

  • We ensure safety and consideration for people and for the environment

  • We meet the consumers’ demands for ethical production

  • We enable superior marketing and branding of Christmas trees

  • We ensure competitive advantage compared to traditional sales channels

Happy Habitat

Our nature is under pressure from intensive farming and the use of pesticides, fertilizer and large machinery. This is rightly a cause for concern for many people, who hope for – and argue in favor of – greener and more sustainable agricultural production. At Green Team we try to minimize our impact in order to give plants and wildlife the best possible conditions for thriving on our lands. We work with a series of specific initiatives. Some of these you can read about in greater detail here:

Naturally natural christmas

Growing a Christmas tree is a specialized and complicated process that takes more than 10 years. Perhaps the tree is only used for a few days, which is why it is important that we as responsible farmers make sure that we farm as gently as possible. We aim to improve the land we use, so that we can give it back in better condition, and we carefully measure our impact on a very long list of parameters. Here are a few examples of what we specifically do:

Satisfied Santa

Our work on social responsibility covers several aspects, and we have ambitious programs for monitoring and improving on how well our employees thrive while working with us. We are equally ambitious when it comes to the wellbeing of our contractors and our customers. Here you can find more information about some of our initiatives:

Certainly certified

Certification is an important tool to apply as we demonstrate that we live up to our own claims about our standards. Our certificates demonstrate our commitment to superior professionalism, our desire to uphold industry standards, and to continue our journey towards a deeper understanding of our company and how we interact with the world around us. Our eight certifications cover a total of more than 2000 control points, imposing regular self-assessment, internal audits and management reviews. Perhaps most importantly, they are a stamp of approval of how we do things from an external organization. Read more here: